Civil Engineering Projects

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Lyons Excavations Ltd have vast experience in Civil Engineering works in the following areas :
Road Construction
Watermain Installations
Drilling & Blasting
Temporary Works
Car Park Construction
Gas Line Construction
Airport Runway Construction
Fish Farm Construction
Lyons Excavations Ltd are one of a select list of 4 Contractors that are currently carrying out demolition works on both the North and South sides of Limerick City as part of The Limerick Regeneration Project. In total up to 2,000 Houses will be demolished to make way for new construction to revitalise the area. This Project will be the largest of it's kind, outside of Dublin, and has an estimated overall budget of € 3.1 Billion.
Awarding Authority : Limerick City Council
Project Location : Limerick Regeneration Scheme - Limerick City North & South.
Service Provided : Demolition & Waste Removal.
Project Description : Demolition of existing houses, outhouses, boundary walls, fences and gates.Loading out and removal of waste. Off site segregation and disposal to certified facilities. Importation and spread of topsoil. Liason with existing service providerssuch as Eircom, ESB, Bord Gais, Chorus and Limerick Water Services for thedisconnection of all live services, and dealing with requests from these bodies.
Contract Period : On Going Contract, commenced August 2008.
Reference : Mr Roger Noonan, Senior Engineer, Limerick City Council, City Hall Limerick

Awarding Authority : Chieftain City Campus Ltd.
Project Location : Lord Edward Street Limerick.
Service Provided : Demolition & Civil Engineering.
Project Description :

Scope of works extended to the site clearance and part demolition of an existingwarehouse on an overall site of 3.5 hectares, along with all on site and off siteworks associated with the excavation, drainage, groundworks, concrete reinforcement, service installation, footpaths, roads and carparking for 4nr new3 storey student apartment blocks catering for approx 600 people.

Off site services included the construction of foul and surface water sewer lines,with invert depths of 4.0 metres. These services had to be constructed coming out between terraced housing blocks on Hyde road.

The 525mm diametre surfacewater pipeline extended for approx 560 metres from the site boundary, throughresidential property for approx 35 metres, constructed on Hyde road for 400 metresand through a soccer pitch for the remainder, eventually outfalling to an existing manhole adjacent to the Limerick railway line.

All traffic management and permanent reinstatement works were also carried outby Lyons Excavations Ltd to the specification and satisfaction of Limerick City Council.

Contract Value : €2,001,700.00
Contract Period : 48 months.
Reference : Mr Denis Crehan, Chieftain City Campus Ltd, Mahon House Limerick.

Awarding Authority : John Sisk & Son Ltd. Oct_2009_001 Oct_2009_005
Project Location : Jetland Shopping Centre, Ennis Road Limerick.
Service Provided : Demolition & Civil Engineering.
Project Description : The scope of works extended to the site clearance and demolition of the existing Shopping Centre ( approx 6,800 m2), dwelling houses and petrol station on an overall site of 7 hectares. Bulk excavations included 160,000 m3 of excavation, 35,000 m3 of rock excavation and the disposal of 110,000 m3 of unsuitable material off site.All relevant groundworks, filling, drainage and services installation to new Centrewith basement, podium and external carparking. All relevant groundworks, filling,drainage and services installation to new Drive through Restaurant, Pharmacy andBank.New Access Roads, 2 Roundabouts, 6 Junctions and culverting of existing stream.
Principle Quantities :
Site Clearance 70,000m2
Demolition of Existing Buildings
Bulk Excavation
Rock Excavation
Crushing \ Processing Rock to specification for re use in the Job
Disposal of unsuitable material off Site
Stone Filling
Road Construction
Culvett Construction
Watermain Installation
Stormwater Drainage
Foul Water Drainage
Utility Ducting
As part of the scope of works, asbestos containing material had to be taken down and disposed of in accordance with recognised standards and health and safetyregulation. Contaminated ground was also encountered and had to be excavatedand transported to a specialised facility. This process was executed in a controlledmanner, working closely with the Local Authority.
As the existing Shopping Centre had to be maintained during the construction phase, considerable resources and planning were put on public safety and trafficmanagement. Major civil works included realignment of a section of the Ennis andClonmacken roads. A new filter lane and bus parking bay were constructed on theEnnis road, as was a new signalised junction. These works required the installationof a new 600mm diametre ductile iron watermain, new surface water drainageand the relocation of telecommunication and electrical services. New boundary walls, kerbs and footpaths were constructed.
The existing Clonmacken road had to be realigned for approx 350 lin metres and a new roundabout constructed thereon, to provide access in to the new facility. A new single carriageway distributor road of approx 680m, with footpaths and cycle new single carriageway distributor road of approx 680m, with footpaths and cycle ways were also constructed by Lyons Excavations Ltd as part of this Project.
Contract Value : €4,561,200.00
Contract Period : 26 months.
Reference : Mr Jim Tuohy, John Sisk & Son Ltd, Grove Island Limerick.

Awarding Authority : Atlantic Fuel Supply Company Ltd.
Project Location : Foynes Co. Limerick.
Service Provided : Civil Engineering & Blasting.
Project Description : Enabling works contract for new Oil terminal at Foynes Port. Excavation of 110,000 m3 of material, 85,000 m3 being rock. Extraction by means of ripping,hydraulic breaking and blasting. Crushing and processing of 35,000 m3 of rockto clause 6F2 and 804 specification, for reuse in the works.
Contract Value : €978,841.00
Contract Period : 7 months
Reference : Mr Joe Murphy, Michael Punch & Partners Consulting Engineers, Henry Street Limerick.

Awarding Authority : Siac Construction Ltd 2007_PC210LC-8_002
Project Location : Athea, Tournafola Co. Limerick, Knockastanna, Sivermines Co. Tipperary
& Millstreet Co. Cork.
Service Provided : Civil Engineering.
Project Description : Scope of works extended to the site clearance, road construction and associated works for the assembly of new Windfarms
Contract Period 28 Months
Contract Value : €1,180,000.00
Reference : Colin O'Brien, Siac Construction, Airport Road Cork.

Awarding Authority : Bord Gais Eireann Oct_2009_025
Project Location : Gas Pipeline to The West, Gas Pipe Storage Depot.
Service Provided : Civil Engineering
Project Description : Bulk earthworks in peat and gravel to prepare an area of approximately 50,000m2, onwhich bunds were formed to provide storage facilities for approximately 30,000m2 of 900mm steel gas pipes.
Contract Period 2 Months
Contract Value : € 500,000.00
Reference : Mr Robbie King, MC O'Sullivan Consulting Engineers, Cork.

Awarding Authority : P J Hegarty & Sons Ltd
Project Location : Reinstatement of Main Transmission Gas Main, Bruff to Foynes Co. Limerick.
Service Provided : Civil Engineering.
Project Description : Reinstatement of 50km of main transmission gas main to include site clearance,ground preparation, drainage, boundary reinstatement,topsoiling and seeding a 30m wide wayleaf.
Contract Period 12 Months
Contract Value : € 1,900,000.00

Awarding Authority : Tom Hayes Ltd Oct_2009_008
Project Location : Limerick Institute of Technology.
Service Provided : Civil Engineering.
Project Description : Construction of access roads, footpaths and provision of services to Phase 1A ( LectureHall, Administration Block, Trades Building ) and drainage to All Weather Pitches.
Contract Period 44 Months
Contract Value : € 1,100,000.00
Site clearance,bulk earthworks, road and footpath construction, public lighting landscaping and fencing associated with same. 650m of foul rising main and 650mof watermain in public road to service Site.
Project Description :