Health & Safety

It is the Policy of Lyons Excavations Ltd to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the safety health and welfare of all it's employees while at work. Lyons Excavations Ltd recognises the responsibility placed on it towards the provision of a safe and healthy workplace, and in this regard the policies, practices and procedures required for a safe and healthy workplace is given equal priority with all other policies and procedures of the Company.

Lyons Excavations Ltd Health & Safety Director \ Manager are fully certified in the PSCS ( Project Supervisor Construction Stage ) role.

Lyons Excavations Ltd have invested heavily in training for all our Employees, and have facilitated the training of Sub Contractor Personnel on our Sites, to ensure that all persons working on Projects are aware and appreciative of our systems and standards.

Lyons Excavations Ltd employ a full time Safety Representative, which is a vital link in our Safety system.

Lyons Excavations Ltd incorporate the General Principles of Prevention in to every Project, and this Ninvolves, but is not limited to the following :

Hazard Identification :

Hazard Identification is carried out through Risk Assessments and Continuous Site Audits, and periodical external Safety Audits.

Risk Control :

Identifying risks at source and adapting the work to the individual through the type of working equipment and \ or working methods, with a view to all eviating monotonous work and to redoing its effect on health and safety.

Outline Structure of Safety Construction Plan :

A Safety Plan is devised prior to any works, taking in to account Lyons Excavations Ltd's Projects experience throughout the years, and would be agreed with The Client \ Engineer in advance.

Assessment of Domestic Sub Contractors :

Lyons Excavations Ltd assess Qualifications and Certificates that must be held by Sub Contractors and get sub contractors to complete a Lyons Excavations Ltd Pre Employment Questionnaire

Co-ordination & Management of Contractors on Site :

Lyons Excavations Ltd hold extensive site meetings to plan the tasks and sequences ahead, and to review both progress and safety compliance. Lyons Excavations places Safety at the top end of site meetings - safety has to be all pervasive and the only way to ensure full compliance and full understanding of safety issues is to incorporate the safety implications in to each item of construction discussed at a site meeting.

Compliance of Procedures :

Compliance will be ensured by adherence to the Safety Plan. Lyons Excavations Ltd will operate a transparent and constantly updated Health & Safety Plan with strong emphasis placed on monitoring, reporting, adapting and controlling all activities.